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Suggested Title Explanation
Locations The student union hasn't always been where it is. Could we come up with a creative way to present things like that and the recently moved registrar and health center?
Dorms and Apartments Places to live on and off campus.
Yi Heck, we could give the guy a whole wiki.
Construction The latest in walled off sections of campus, noise, and dust. Pictures of EMPAC.
File Sharing RPI has made a bit of a name for itself in this area. Phynd, Celery, Chewplastic, and Akwire all deserve mention, preferably with links to related news articles and documents.
Network Architecture It would be nice to consolidate a link to subnet listings, which buildings are on CSnet, connection speeds, wireless info...
Squirrels Nothing not about Rensselaer would be complete without mention of squirrels
Courses It might be fun and worthwhile to talk about notable courses and professors
Class projects All that comes to mind are gamedev projects, but it would be nice to link to any archives of student projects we can find
Vandalism It happens on campus. I wouldn't mind having a place to rant about it.
Local Cuisine Let's make a restaurant guide...
Dining Halls Places to eat on campus.
Computer Labs Just kidding. There all contain Dells running Windows XP and are uninteresting.