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The Inanimate Objects Party, or IOP is one of RPI's longest continually operating political parties with over 12 infamous years of challenging the status quo. The Inanimate Object Party promotes a mish-mash of rational thought, humor, absurdity, and sticking it to "the man".

Its fearless de-facto leader is an inflatable whale named Arthur Galpin (sometimes misspelled "Galphin". Unlike the familiar animate candidates, he cannot be killed or expelled from office. This comes in handy when he is saying things that the people in charge of student government do not want to hear, such as that an inflatable whale would do a better job than they would. In 2007 Arthur impregnated a few visiting wales, who had baby whales which quickly overtook the campus. Fortunately students where able to capture them and return them to the Student Union. Another candidate that runs under the IOP is Alby the Albino Squirrel. Alby is currently dead, so she qualifies as an inanimate object. Re-animation of Alby through medical procedure is not allowed.

Galpin runs primarily for GM, or Grand Marshal, RPI's "highest" and most ceremonial (and therefore useless) position, as well as any other positions he can get. Alby runs primarily for PU. It is only a matter of time before these ends are met and the revolution begins.

The IOP has won elections several times, however each time the RNE has refused to allow Arthur to take the position as it violates some rule somewhere apparently according to profanity-laden emails that were received by IOP from RNE. RNE could be considered the IOP's arch-enemy, along with Shirley Ann Jackson, and the lame-ass pants party.

The IOP's main propaganda arm consists of witty signs, free drinks and IOP balloons. This is more then can be said of most candidates, who usually only use signs, and lame ones at that. Fearful members of student govt often take IOP's signs down, even though they follow the sign policy perfectly,(usually) either out of spite or confusion, but that does not phase IOP supporters. For every sign that is taken down, ten more go up. The IOP has beren going strong for 11 years, and it will take a lot more then ripping down a few signs to stop them. The IOP has also started a tradition of great hacks, similar to the MIT hacks, but with IOP flair, such as placing an inflatable whale on top of the CII. For those curious about IOPeratives, the IOP is quite centralized, but it also has a cell like network. Cells may be unaware of each others existence, this way it is impossible for the collapse of one cell to lead to the collapse of the whole.

Become an IOPerative yourself by voting for Arthur Galpin for GM and Alby for PU! Visit, to read the blog, and print out your own signs! Protest dismal GM week events that waste your money and the clueless money-infused administration. Make your voices heard!

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