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Template:Infobox TV channel RPI TV is a college television group run by students attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. RPI TV films and broadcasts a variety of campus events, including football games, hockey games, cultural events, student senate meetings, and live airing of the GM week debates. The channel also maintains a bulletin board system to display campus announcements and updates, submitted by clubs to advertise their events. RPI TV is not the provider of cable television on the campus, and uses Media Operations studios when needed to house productions.


RPI TV is headed by an executive committee of 10 students elected by the general membership of the club.


The President is the student in charge of RPI TV and is the station's main representative to the Student Senate, Executive Board, and Media Operations. It is the President's responsibility to schedule events and ensure that proper supervision for club equipment is provided.

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee of RPI TV is responsible for approving the release of equipment, training members on how to use equipment, and managing the RPI TV budget. The Ops Committee consists of the Vice President of Operations, Business Manager, Equipment Manager, and Secretary.

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee is responsible for approving ideas for new shows, schedule productions for broadcast, and ensuring that programming is being routed to the campus channel. The Prog Committee consists of the Vice President of Programming, Sports Manager, News Manager, Special Events Manager, and Lead Editor.

Equipment Access Levels

There are three main types of members in the club: regular/associate members, club supervisors, and Media Operations supervisors

Regular/Associate Members

Members of RPI TV are allowed to use equipment, present ideas for and produce new programming, and authorized to operate high end equipment under supervision.

Club Supervisors

Clubs supervisors are members who are trained in the use of equipment and can train others in its usage. Many events which require major equipment, such as a production switcher, normally require a club supervisor to be present to operate it, or supervise the operation of the equipment.

Media Operations Supervisors

Media Ops supervisors are members who are trained in the use of not only RPI TV equipment, but Media Operations equipment as well. They are qualified to access and borrow equipment from Media Operations for limited amounts of time and have direct access to the RPI TV studio in the Darrin Communications Center. The President and Vice Presidents of Operations and Programming are usually fully trained Media Ops supervisors.

Current Productions

  • WRPI Wednesday Night Live
  • What's Up, RPI
  • Student Senate Meetings
  • RPI Engineers Hockey and Football

RPI Athletics

During the fall and winter sports seasons, RPI TV records most home football and hockey games for broadcast later in the week. On some occasions, the crew will both film the game and broadcast on campus at the same time. For RPI's two major hockey games, the Big Red Freakout and Whiteout, the Rensselaer Alumni Association sponsors a web stream on a 30-second delay.

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