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The text below is mostly copied from the original handbook.

Public Safety

One of the least understood departments in the Administration is that of Public Safety. Located in the Visitor Information Center, Public Safety holds a location central to most of the campus.

Public Safety officers are New York State recognized security officers, employed by the Institute, and authorized to enforce state and local laws and effect arrests under the enhanced authority of New York State Educational law. The Department is made up of approximately 30 men and women and operates under a para-military structure ,common among most law enforcement agencies, consisting of officers, sergeants, lieutenants,an assistant director, and a director. The department also employs an investigator to follow up crimes and incidents that occur on campus. Officers are at least required to possess an associates degree in criminal justice or ten years law enforcement experience upon hiring. Several officers possess bachelors and even masters degrees in their respective fields or have served police departments for over 20 years before becoming members of the department. Officers on campus carry all the tools a police officer would carry (handcuffs, pepper spay,batons, etc),with the exception of firearms. Officers file the same police report as a regular police agency would submit and are connected to the New York State Police Information Network (NYSPIN),which allows access to vital search capability and data entry and facilitates emergency communication between law enfocement agencies throughout the state and country. The Institute has been actively trying to upgrade their power and authority to peace officer status for several years. Most of the actions have been blocked by Troy residents as well as the students at RPI, for fear of stronger control of the legal process by the school in regards to students.

Public Safety provide useful services to students, such as help with recovery of stolen property and damage to personal belongings. They are constantly trying to make the campus aware of crime prevention techniques (such as the rape agression defense program), and are actively working to make the campus safer to traverse at night, still a major problem for the women at RPI. Still, they are a little more friendly than the local police force, mostly because they are Tute employees.