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Pizza Bella, now officially called Big Apple Pizza, and formerly called Empire Pizzeria is the closest pizza place to RPI, located just across the road from Academy Hall and nearly touching the Sodexo-run Moe's Southwest Grill(formerly Java++ Coffee Shop). Its name was changed to "Big Apple" in 2007 during which there was some beautification of the exterior with a mural.

In case you still don't know where it is by now, it is located at
14th Street & College Ave
Troy, New York 12180

Phone Number
(518) 271-4444
Min $10 for delivery

Pizza Bella, due to its fast delivery, convenient location, and hours which last long into the night (at least 2am), is hands down the most popular pizza place on the hill. It has been ranked as best pizza by the Poly on several occasions, but this point it highly debatable. "I Love's" (I Love NY Pizza) is generally accepted as having a larger gamut of toppings and better sauce. For instance, Pizza Bella offers hamburger and pepperoni, but no "meat lovers" option. They also do not have pan pizza, only offering medium, large, and extra large pizzas. Prices are reasonable and there are often bonus discounts for bulk orders (such as 10 pizzas for a gaming event). While I Love has more to offer, Pizza Bella still offers some appetizers, a basic selection of drinks and Calzones which are very tasty. Overall Pizza Bella is best respected for their extremely fresh ingredients, lush cheese-oriented pizza, and fairly decent crust. Since the 2007 remodeling, some claim that the quality of the pizza has improved. Another well known fact about Pizza Bella is that the property and building are owned by RPI. Some say that the RPI administration grew disappointing with the look of the exterior (and quality of the pizza) and demanded that Pizza Bella clean up their act.

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