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Bored with the state of lectures in Network Programming, taught by Professor Ingalls in spring of 2005, a number of students undertook the entertaining project of creating comic strips in a very special way. The idea is that one person draws one panel of the strip and passes the paper on to the next person. This introduces a lot of problems, such as consistency issues as people misinterpret previous panels and get distracted, so the whole thing tends to end up being more hilarious than it would have otherwise been if one person were to draw the entire strip.

This seems to be related to the idea of a tandem story, though for the people involved, the idea was born more out of Eat Poop You Cat.

Comic Description Date
Comic0001.jpg This is where it all began. It started with a pie. February 28, 2005
Comic0002.jpg Things escalated pretty quickly. Behold, the leukemia bomb. March 3, 2005
Comic0003.jpg Using a Soviet tank to get shoes apparently seemed like a good idea, but we forgot Rambo. March 7, 2005
Comic0004.jpg Deli food products are more fun to draw than stick figures. March 10, 2005
Comic0005.jpg Death by 1337 5p34k March 21, 2005
Comic0006.jpg Later, on the Bohemian tainted farm... March 24, 2005
Comic0007.jpg Suddenly, Mekulon, destroyer of stupid plotlines, arrives from subspace! March 31, 2005
Comic0008.jpg I think this is supposed to be a happy story of the people with pies for hands. April 4, 2005
Comic0009.jpg Old habits die hard when you're a monster who eats people. April 7, 2005
Comic0010.jpg The return of food voltron...sort of. The introduction of interruptor cow. April 14, 2005
Comic0011.jpg The Potato Villain vs. the peelers...and George Lucas. April 18, 2005
Comic0012.jpg Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! April 21, 2005
Comic0013.jpg The backwardserrific tale of Jim. April 25, 2005
Comic0014.jpg Season finale. April 28, 2005

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