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This is a list of people associated with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, including Presidents, Alumni, Professors, and Researchers.

Presidents of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Name Years Previous Position
•  Rev. Dr. Samuel Blatchford (18241828) Pastor of the Lansingburgh and Waterford Church.
•  John Chester (18281829) Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church in Albany.
•  Eliphalet Nott (18291845) Pastor of a Presbyterian Church in Albany.
•  Nathan S.S. Beman (18451865) Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Albany.
•  John F. Winslow (18651868) Businessman and iron manufacturer.
•  Thomas C. Brinsmade 1868 Troy physician.
•  James Forsyth (18681886) Attorney and Banker.
•  William Gurley, 1839 (18861887) (acting) Businessman, co-founder of Gurley Precision Instruments
•  Albert E. Powers (18871888) (acting) Banker
•  John H. Peck (18881901) Attorney and judge.
•  Palmer C. Ricketts (19011934) Professor of rational and technical mechanics and academic director of RPI.
•  William O. Hotchkiss (19351943) President of the Houghton School of Mines.
•  Livingston W. Houston, 1913 (19431958) President and board chairman of the Ludlow Valve Manufacturing Co. and treasurer of RPI.
•  Richard G. Folsom (19581971) Director of the Engineering Research Institute at the University of Michigan.
•  Richard J. Grosh (19711976) Dean of the School of Engineering at Purdue University.
•  George M. Low, 1948 (19761984) Deputy administrator of NASA.
•  Daniel Berg (19841985)(acting) (19851987) Vice-President and Provost of RPI.
•  Stanley I. Landgraf,1987 (19881988)(acting) President of Capital Region Technology Development Council
•  Roland W. Schmitt (19881993) Senior vice president for science and technology for General Electric Co.
•  R. Byron Pipes (19931998) Provost and professor of engineering at the University of Delaware.
•  Cornelius J. Barton, 1958 (19981999)(acting) CEO of Dorr-Oliver Incorporated, a chemical engineering firm
•  Shirley Ann Jackson (1999 Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

For a list of the highest elected student leaders at RPI see List of RPI Grand Marshals.

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