Dumpster Diving

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Dumpster diving is a common practice at RPI. Mostly done by architecture students scavenging for cardboard and other material for projects, it involves looking in dumpsters and around loading docks for useful materials.

Some dumpsters at RPI are "Cardboard Only," while the loading docks and related areas can contain useful wood and electronic components, as well as discarded monitors. Locations of "tech" dumps include:

•3rd floor CII (middle hallway)
•2nd floor DCC (by the loading dock)
•first floor JEC (also by the loading dock, facing the JRSC)
•Behind the Armory, by the gas pump
•VCC bottom floor, end of RCR hallway (closes with RCR hours)
•in Cogswell, in the loading entrance opening to the College Ave parking lot (first floor)