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Russell Sage Dining Hall

The Russel Sage Dining Hall is the dining hall located on the main academic side of campus, nestled amongst the DCC, CII, and the Quad green. Built by Olivia Slocum Sage, the widow of Russell Sage, it is named after Sage's nephew, Russell Sage junior, whereas the academic building with the same name, Sage Labs, is named after the business man himself. It is accessible to most students and features "Late Night Dining" between the hours of 10:30 and 11:30pm on week days. However, from 11:00am to 2:00pm, it is only accessible to Quad residents. This time restriction is put in place to theoretically reduce traffic and crowding in the somewhat smallish dining hall. Sage is closed on the weekends and often has strange, useless hours on weekday holidays.

Sage is generally considered "nicer" than the main Commons Dining Hall. It exudes this through it's recent (summer 2008) renovation that added the current dining area and classed-up the facility. It offers more "options" than the commons, featuring a more diverse palette of rotating food types and cultural selections. Food-wise, most dishes are slightly different from their counterparts in the Commons. For example, the pizza features a "fancy looking" crust and is clearly made by a different chef. The facilities feature a bar area that might be designed to have a staff member preparing custom sandwiches, yet said staff member is rarely seen. There is also a small lounge area in the far corner of the new dining hall that appears to be rarely used.

All "niceness" aside, Sage has a plethora of quirks. Some examples:

  • The tray return line is parallel to the entrance line. Traffic confusion is inevitable.
  • There is a "secret OJ dispenser", a second orange juice machine behind the milk dispensers that is missed by many passing diners
  • Sage can vary between 5 and 30 kitchen staff members throughout the week. Some mornings there's no coffee and you can't physically stack any more plates in the dish return, and other mornings students can't move because of all the workers.
  • At roughly 3pm every day, the Sage Dining Hall begins to emit a horrendously foul odor that gets trapped inside the Quad and hovers around the DCC. It can best be described as the inside of your grandmother's mouth in the morning before she puts on her dentures. Mixed with dead things. And public restrooms.
  • The chef at Sage seems to have the frustratingly curious skill of mind-reading. If at some point in time you're dining in Sage and think to yourself, "I haven't had a good salad in a while", you will notice that the salad bar contains 3 bowls of brown lettuce, shredded carrots, and only reduced-fat thousand island dressing. The salad bar will remain like such for several days or weeks until you've forgotten all about salads and have quite a hankering for pizza. The salad bar will contain a large selection of fresh veggies and good dressings, and there will be a sign stating that the pizza oven is undergoing routine maintenance, sorry.

In all, the Russel Sage Dining Hall offers a reasonable dining location, especially for Quad residents. As long as you don't eat during the typical lunch/dinner hours, it is usually quite empty and pleasant.