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CSCI Computer Science

CSCI-4210 Operating Systems

"Discussion of various aspects of computer operating systems design and implementation. Topics include I/O programming, process management and scheduling of processes, virtual memory management, device management, file systems, deadlock problems, system calls, and interprocess communication."

ECSE Electrical and Computer and Systems Engineering

ECSE-2010 Electric Circuits

ECSE-2050 Introduction to Electronics

ECSE-2100 Fields and Waves I

ECSE-2410 Signals & Systems

"Time and frequency-domain representation of continuous-and discrete-time signals and systems, and solutions of their response. Simulation of linear systems. Fourier series and transform. Laplace transform and z-transform. Stability, feedback systems, and root-locus analysis and design. Applications involving communication and control systems."

ECSE-2610 Computer Components and Operations

ENGR Core Engineering

ENGR-1100 Introduction to Engineering Analysis

Generally looked at as the weeding course for engineering at RPI. Focuses primarily on statics starting with free body diagrams and ending with static friction. The course delves into linear algebra and using MATLAB.

ITEC Information Technology

STSS Science and Technology Studies

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