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There is no question that students at RPI are very good at not paying attention in class. It is typical to see a small fraction of students in any class playing games on a laptop. In many lecture halls, students find it convenient to talk through an entire lecture. The things that can be done in class which don't involve paying attention are endless.

Why Go to Lectures?

Why do some students go to lectures to do things that they could do anywhere else? There may not be a good answer, but some students claim that they in fact are paying attention while leveling up in Dragon Warrior. Some professors certainly go too slowly through the material, and so zoning out of the topic being discussed for tens of minutes at a time may be appealing.

Acting Involved

It doesn't usually take long to discover a student who spends every lecture surfing the Internet and playing games, yet somehow raises his or her hand at the perfectly inopportune time to interrupt class and force the professor to answer an inane question for the next ten or fifteen minutes.

Fun with Computers

Every student at RPI is expected to have a notebook computer. This means that many of them will use their computers to play games during class. Everything from classic turn-based games to Flash games to action games such as Quake 3 have been witnessed. Palm handhelds have been used to carry on multiplayer games such as Scrabble in class, and when wireless access is available, it is doubtlessly abused for multiplayer games.

Fun with Paper

Perhaps the most classic pastime in class is drawing on notebook paper or even the desk. The Netprog comics are a fine example of this, and Notebook Ninja is a tribute to the art.