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A chalk drawing of Van Gogh's Starry Night
A number of different students have been responsible for producing temporary chalk drawings around campus.

The Chalking Efforts

A large batch of the drawings done by Maureen Duffy that were accompanied by a link to are now available at

Cory McWilliams has done several which are available at

Students calling themselves the Chalk Club have contributed a number of original yet confusing sidewalk chalk contributions.

About Chalking

Chalk drawing on campus is often done with a simple bucket of Crayola sidewalk chalk and some charcoal. Popular subjects are cartoon, comic, anime, and video game characters.

The student handbook actually has a sign policy which forbids chalking on campus in section III E.

Signs may be mounted on
bulletin boards only with thumbtacks and staples. Nails,
duct tape, string, chalk, adhesive-backed signs (bumper
sticker type), and direct application of paint to any surface
are prohibited.

However, given that chalk drawings tend to last only a short time, depending on foot traffic and rainfall, it is a rare expression of art on a technical campus, and it has been done more often for fun and entertainment than advertising, it seems to have become a well-accepted practice.